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Three Girls Market is a solution to a problem. Haven't you ever wished that you could shop a curated selection of the best boutiques in the country all in one place? Well now you can.

Three Girls Market is  Its the revolutionary new way to shop. You can buy a little black dress from a boutique in New York AND an awesome kimono from a different shop in Southern California with ONE shopping cart, and ONE transaction. Want free shipping? Our Executive Members get free shipping for a year when they sign up.

Lastly, ever wanted to double your money? Now you can. Shopping with TGM is a way to make a direct impact in the lives of women. TGM donates 10% of sales to the United Way Women's Initiative - Young Mother's Child Care Scholarship Fund.

By shopping on our site you get an amazingly simple and easy shopping experience, find your new favorite boutique, and truly change women's lives by helping provide young mom's child care scholarships that want to further their education.

We want to change the world. Will you help us?



Holly graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor's in Business Administration and a Masters in Professional Accountancy, all with a four year old. She is one of two numbers wizards here on the team. She has been a single mom and entrepreneur. Needless to say, she is an OG hustler from way back, and the "Yoda" of Three Girls Market. She helps us hold it all together.

She lives in the country with her professional team roping husband and three children. She has has a tendency to collect mini animals (think horses and goats), and raises Gypsy Vanner horses. She is passionate about making an easy shopping experience in which you have have confidence. She ALWAYS has the shopper in mind.

She loves a strong cup of coffee or a sweet glass of wine and a good research project.



Brittany also graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University where she received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance, and is our second numbers genius on the TGM team (never hurts!). She is a wife to her mountain man/professional hunting dog training husband, and mama to a tenacious and beautiful little girl. She lives on the family ranch (about a mile from Holly, who lives on the same one) in East Texas and runs their home on triple grande iced lattes.

Not only is she good with numbers, but can work a camera like it’s her job. Oh wait, it is. She is our resident photographer and is a stickler for quality photos on TGM. She keeps everything looking cohesive and offers advice as needed. Brittany loves entrepreneurship and really believes in our boutique owners. She has a passion for helping them grow and keeping them motivated. She is a strategic thinker and helps keep TGM focused and on task. If you want a good travel buddy, she’s your girl. Don’t blink because she will be off and jet-setting before you can say the word “airport.”



Amanda is the black sheep (and token city-dweller) that attended Texas A&M University and received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. In another life she would have been a fashion designer, but she had to figure out the fashion industry on her own terms. Her super power is knowing what will sell like hot cakes. She also has magical styling skills. She owned a boutique that she loved straight out of college, but met her husband who was living abroad doing orphan ministry. She sold her shop (you really can’t run a business from a remote part of the bush in Africa) and the two moved to Zambia, and then Central America, to build orphanages. She is passionate about making your shopping experience make a difference in the lives of others. Her heartbeat is giving back, while getting to be in an industry she loves.

Amanda was a boutique owner, so she’s been there. She knows what makes TGM valuable from a boutique owner’s standpoint, and as a fashion addict, what makes it valuable to a consumer. She has a knack for picking out quality and has years of experience consulting shops on quality apparel lines. Her years of digital marketing and public relations experience help TGM stay on the cutting edge of creativity and technology. You can catch her on her front porch swing with a glass of dry red wine and her two fur babies.

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